Q&A - RealSkin 3.0

Question: Will this fit a man with 40 chest?

A: Thank you for your interest in our products.It is suitable for men with 40 busts. If you are not sure if you can wear it, you can send me your height and weight by mail, I will give you the result after measurement.

Question: How do I actually wear this? Can I simply just pull it over my head?

A: Yes. You wear it like a vest. I would suggest using some baby powder as it is a very tight fit. The issue is usually getting he item off as it tends to stick to your body.

Question: Can I wear a bra with these boobs?

A: Yes. Straps can be handy to hide transition lines.

Question: Does the niples comes Fuzzy or is it clear?

A: Under normal use, the nipples will remain the same.
Unless it is stained, it will cause discoloration of the nipple.

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